Audrey, 21yo, France. I'm a Charles/Arthur Pic & Emilien Colombain fan no matter what happens.

2014 F1 Challenge : [2] Friendship/Brotp/….
- 01/02 : Chemilien (Charles Pic  & Emilien Colombain)

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If you still haven’t found anything, the Romain tag is very empty these days :)

I was going for my “2014 f1 challenge” (2 friendships) thingy aka giffing chemilien aka i’m sobbing but i’ll do a “rogro picspam” of pics of him this weekend as i did for results (my explanations arent clear at all are they????) now then :D

i really want to edit something but idk what D:

where do you get your textures and psd's from?

Hi anon, 

I tend to do my own psd because i never like how the psd I download look on my edits, cause i feel like F1 pictures are really specific when it comes to psd somehow so I have my own psds for my edits most of the time, or I search in the psd tag, but I also follow some PSD/photoshop blog where I find my textures as well, it’s mostly all on tumblr tbh. I don’t really have to time right now to go through my followers to tell you those blogs i follow but leave another message in my ask and i will share it with you if you’re interested (anon or not i don’t really mind).

Hope it helps, have a nice evening :) 

2014 Chinese Grand Prix Starting Grid 

2014 F1 Challenge

(I know there’s already one but i can’t find it anymore and I wanted to make one anyway)

[1] Quote
[2] Friendship/Brotp/….
[3] Circuits
[4] Young drivers you’d like to see in F1
[5] Teams
[6] Races
[7] Colours
[8] Drivers (old or from nowadays]