Audrey, 21yo, France. I'm a Charles/Arthur Pic & Emilien Colombain fan no matter what happens.

Rest in peace María de Villota 

Doing this follow forever cause I just reached 500 followers *wow* and I decided I need to thank the people who made it all awesome. Some with a little paragraph cause faves, but I do love every single one of my followers.

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SPECIAL THANK YOU : Katy (for-one-last-time) for never giving up on me and being one of my best friend here, through my high and my several lows, for being like a sister to me, and being such an amazing person. Lauren (forzaformula1) for always being there for me, for being one of the most kindhearted person I know and for always listening to me when I need to talk like last night. Alex (riconosberg) for still being here, for fighting her way through life the way she does and for being queen of vivico. Helen (the-fastest-waffle) for being my wsr friend for so long, for getting me those autographs of Arthur, for being queen of the waffle ;). And for everyone I forgot to mention but was always there for me and everything because I really do appreciate it. Thank you all for following me. 

Friendly reminder that you can support a driver without having to talk shit about other drivers and being rude to their fans. 


i am so glad you exist, even if you exist so far away from me 

i really want to add f1 couples in my f1 challenge thingy cause vivico, jules/camille and esteban/paola??

MAKE ME CHOOSE » paullwalkers asked:
↳ Scott and Isaac or Stiles and Isaac

Charles is forever a member of Team France. :)

i swear this makes me so sad, i wish charles was there so badly :

i miss him so much, i mean sure they sho him sometimes during fps, and sometimes we get interviews but it’s not the same, i miss searching for him on livetiming and searching for him in the back of most pictures and everything, i miss him in a car, i miss him in drivers parade, ugh i’m just sad, caterham why?????